Date More And Hotter Women

The difference between guys who are getting some dates here and there. And the guys who are constantly dating the hottest girls.

You've met many daygamers. Most of them are getting some dates here and there. But how many of them are getting constant results with hot and interesting girls?

It's easy to get your first daygame lays. But if you want to date more and hotter girls you'll need to completely change how you view and learn daygame.

The Difference Between Beginner And Advanced Daygamers

I've prepared a video where you'll learn:

  • Why what got you first lays is the same mindset that keeps you from meeting more women
  • Look at daygame the same way as going to the gym to understand why even guys who go out all the time suck
  • How I filter through daygame content to find advice that works(without wasting time to watch any of it)
  • The daygame formula that works for the highest % of guys trying it(regardless of their age, location and race)
  • Why learning more daygame techniques will not get you better results. Even if you go out a ton

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