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Everything you need to know about texting. Only advice that has been tested by me, my students and wings.

Two free dating courses

Lessons learned after going on literally hundreds on dates. All with step-by-step instructions

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So, you want to take control of your dating life and start dating girls you really like...

There is so much content on the web about dating. YouTube channels, blogs, coaches, online products, guys giving advice in forums and group chats.

Most of videos on YouTube are either generic, only made to sell you stuff or complete self help, mental masturbation nonsense. And it’s hard to know whose advice to listen to on forums and group chats.

I’ve been coaching guys about daygame and dating since 2018. I’ve worked with guys from 18 to over 50 y.o. from all over the world.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK
  • All over EU
  • and other places.

I’ve seen guys go from taking their first steps to dating amazing girls. I’ve seen what advice and approach to learning works and what doesn’t.

That’s why I created an online platform where I share my best advice on daygame, dating & texting for free.

It’s time to stop the crappy dating content that’s all over the web and share stuff that works so you can take control of your dating life, stop dating average girls and learn to meet girls you really like!

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Texting Basics

  • What to text when you get a number
  • How to make her interested to go out with you
  • Mistakes to avoid(you are making some of them)
  • How to ask her out

Advanced Texting

  • What to do if she is responding slow
  • A simple way to deal with any excuse she has to not go out with you
  • You ask her out and she says "Maybe" or, "We'll see"?
  • Should you go out if she will only have 1 hour?
  • She doesn't like the place you want to go out to
  • What to text after the 1st and 2nd date
  • How to resurrect a dead number

Dating Basics

  • Dating mistakes most men are making
  • Great dates without breaking the bank
  • How to break the ice and make her feel comfortable
  • What to say and do to make a date Man-to-Woman

Advanced Dating

  • Help her open up faster
  • Learn to use Push-Pull to make her attracted to you
  • Avoid being the nice guy who will have to go on 3 dates before she comes home with you
  • How to go from talking to touching
  • What if she doesn't let you touch her?
  • Step-by-step from first touch to kiss
  • Several ways to invite her back to your place
  • The ideal apartment setup for having girls over
  • Be the guy she wants to have fun with. Not the guy she'll friendzone

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